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#3 A Prayer for Purity


Amidst distractions and temptations, give us the clarity and grace for pure thoughts and righteous deeds.

In a world with mixed messages and blurred lines between right and wrong, be our shining light. Illuminate our minds with Your wisdom and our thoughts with Your love and righteousness. Strengthen our will, so our deeds are genuine expressions of Your teachings.

Fortify our hearts so our pursuit of purity is a lifelong commitment, grounded in Your eternal truths. Let us find joy in pure thoughts, delight in righteous actions, and satisfaction through integrity.

Cleanse our minds from impurities, and may actions be untainted by worldly pleasures. In every decision, may we be driven by a desire to honor You, preserving the sanctity of our thoughts and the integrity of our deeds.

As we live everyday, direct our steps towards You. Within uncertainty or temptation, let Your holy purity anchor us, drawing us closer to Your heart and further from transient pleasures.

In the name of Jesus,



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